Electronic book A Picture Book About Relationships

A Picture Book About Relationships — Ebook

Authors : Tricia George, Stacey Roa
Publication : 2019-07-11
Language : English
Pages : 32
Publisher : Tricia George, Artist
ISBN : 9781733886529
Categories : Juvenile fiction / Social Issues / Friendship, Juvenile fiction / Family / General, Juvenile fiction / Animals / General

Tricia has combined her whimsical artwork with rhyme to teach the depth and importance of relationships. By partnering little critters in shared moments, she expresses how relationships come and go. The critters, adorably themselves yet steeped in wisdom, give and receive gifts of everyday edible fruits and vegetables.

Tricia’s story teaches children that it is the quality of relationships that matter, and not the quantity of relations one has in life.

This picture book was written for children ages 3 to 11 and is filled with memorable moments that will last both parent and child a lifetime.

Friends and Family Publishing

Tricia George


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