America Simplified — Ebook

What You Need to Know

Authors : Andrea Reider, Michael Ntabaazi ,
Publication : 2019-06-18
Language : English
Pages : 190
Publisher : Michael Ntabaazi
ISBN : 9781733081917
Categories : Technology & engineering / Inventions, Education / General, Political science / Geopolitics

AMERICA SIMPLIFIED: What You Need To Know is a visual book that sums up life in the United States of America. The book is divided into sections which explain the core values and symbols of the United States, the federal and state governments, American people and culture, life expectancy and quality of life, inventions and discoveries, plus a look at how the world views America and, in turn, how the United States views other countries. This book consists of eleven chapters rich with photos, tables, illustrations, and maps of the rich and diverse culture and life-style that America has to offer.

America Simplified is a book based on facts and these facts present the country as it is today with a shade of its past, and takes pride in those aspects that continue to make this nation a great one.

If you live in the United States of America, what is the motto of the state where you come from? As you think about the answer, are you one of those people planning to visit the United States ? Is it for pleasure or business, or are you coming to study or live here? Could it be that you are a refugee or an asylee en-route or already in the country seeking protection and a better life here?

America Simplified- What You Need to Know is the book that will give you the keys to life in America in a simplified way.It is designed for ages 8+, visitors, tourists and new Americans.

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