My Chemo Project — Ebook

How Chemo Blessed My Life

Authors : Sarah Beaudin, Kathleen Hunnicutt ,
Publication : 2019-02-11
Language : English
Pages : 188
Publisher : KathleenHunnicutt
ISBN : 9781732978218
Categories : Medical / Chemotherapy, Health & fitness / Diseases / Cancer, Body, mind & spirit / General

The thought of doing chemo for a second time was overwhelming. When I had breast cancer and chemo in 2014, I said I would never do chemo again. But after my uterine cancer diagnosis in 2018, the doctors recommended eighteen weeks of chemo. This seemed impossible to someone like me who tends to see the world through a negative lens. My chemo was to begin quickly, so I created a project that would help me get back into the infusion center while also attempting to transform my negative mind. My plan included asking 18 different people to accompany me to chemo each week. During the chemo session, I asked each person a series of questions that elicited stories of hope, joy, and peace. Would this plan be enough to assist me in seeing chemo as a blessing? The story of My Chemo Project will take you through my search for blessings in the most unlikely of places. My hope is that this project will inspire other people who face a challenging situation see the possibility for transformation. The book includes Book Study/Group Discussion questions.

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