Larger Than Life — Ebook

Defeating the Challenges of Your Giant Penis (And Any Other Big Problem)

Author : Mark Covern
Publication : 2019-03-15
Language : English
Pages : 300
Publisher : Mark Covern
ISBN : 9781732964990
Categories : Body, mind & spirit / General, Self-help / General, Fiction / Satire*

Millions of men, women, and people of all genders suffer in silence from the difficult and unexpected problems that arise from having an enormous penis. This book reveals the blueprint for a practical and enlightening approach to live a fulfilling and incredible life that is much larger than the reader’s large penis.

Explore the incredible stories of Mark Covern (an owner of a shockingly large penis) and many of his devoted followers. Discover how well-endowed people from all walks of life have learned to overcome adversity and reach their true spiritual potential. Uncover practical tools and techniques to defeat the problems of your own large penis and any other big problem in your life. See how the ideas in this book work for your own Journey of Greatness. This groundbreaking self-help program will change your life even if you do not have a large penis or do not have any penis at all.

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