Adam Travels Vol I — Ebook

Thirty years later

Author : Shimon Garber
Publication : 2019-02-11
Language : English
Pages : 192
Publisher : Shimon Garber
Collections : Adam Travels
ISBN : 9781732823266
Categories : Fiction / Family Life, Fiction / Fantasy / Short Stories, Travel / Restaurants

Traveling is one of the great joys in life, as Russian American Adam Gardov knows well. For thirty years, this brilliant chef, his wife, and his daughter have explored the wonders of Europe and Israel, finding joy, new friends, and adventure wherever their wanderlust takes them.

Adam Travels: Thirty Years Later is a collection of short stories penned by Shimon Garber—a fictional travelogue of the Gardov family’s journeys. Often lighthearted, sometimes sad, and always interesting, these narratives celebrate the similarities—and differences—among nations, cultures, and cuisines.

From a strange encounter with Russian gangsters while whale watching off the Spanish coast to a peaceful float in the tranquil Dead Sea, these stories bring each location to life. This is not a travel guide, however—instead, author Shimon Garber uses the Gardov family and their adventures to celebrate travel and exploration.

Sometimes travel lets you stand alone upon a mountaintop. Sometimes you find yourself trying to sleep in a room with a world-class snorer. But as these stories show, the benefits always outweigh the setbacks.

So pack your bags, check your passport, settle into your comfiest chair, and set off with the Gardovs to explore our amazing world.

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