Land of the Covenant — Ebook

Born to be migrants

Author : Shimon Garber
Publication : 2019-01-09
Language : English
Pages : 234
Publisher : Shimon Garber
ISBN : 9781732261112
Categories : Fiction / General, Fiction / Short Stories (single author)

Sh. Garber "Land of Covenant" A collection of short stories Dedicated to 70 years of Israel The first Story "Old Man» About the life of a lonely elderly immigrant in the country and his relationship with God. The expectation of death and the senselessness of existence, loneliness, and melancholy. Prolonged life, despair, and hope. Only desire, rather get away into a different world. The story "Service Israel style" Adam, not so long ago moved in Israel was seduced by advertising on the internet. Proposal to buy a new iPhone with big discount was too seductive. He faces amazing characters of Israelis and peculiarities of national trade. Story "Eilat" Steve arrives from Russia to Israel at the invitation of an old friend. He offers to relax a week on the Mediterranean coast, and then enjoy a week on the Red Sea in the famous International Eilat Resort. Amazing adventures and features national tourism related to rules of kosher. Also, service on holidays, make this vocation "memorable." "Wedding Morning." The same friend invited Steve on wedding celebration and get to know the national customs. Take this option, in Jerusalem, was more than tempting. Warning that the wedding in the morning, was a little surprised, but maybe it the local customs. So, they went to Jerusalem. Traditional wedding, acquaintance with local cooking and features of the wedding ceremony on the background Temple Mount, left a lasting impression. Story "Tiberias" Alex went with the group of tourists in the town of Tiberias, on New Year celebration. The city built by Herod the Great and named after Roman Caesar Tiberius. A city located on the shore lake Kinneret, also known as, Sea of Galilee. Famous hot mineral spa resort. Swimming pools with hot mineral water and temperature of the air so warm that allowing sunbathing under the rays of the sun December 31. It could create such a good mood and pleasure stay. Amazing characters of met people, allow making a certain opinion about the diverse society of Israelis. Dinner at the hotel "Remonim" and culinary cravings of new Israelis. "Champagne at Midnight," next chapter, tells about people who have been disregarding their problems and age, celebrating life again as it was in youth. Story " Book Fair " Adam goes to Jerusalem for International Book Fair. Jerusalem and difficulties transport circumstances. The road to Jerusalem and service in public places. A bus ride through the whole city of Jerusalem. Getting to acquainted on a visit to the fair with another man, who represented himself as a bibliophile. After a long adventure, they get to a place where the book fair was. Adam meets various participants of exhibition. Representatives of Russian Publishing religious group and international participants at Fair. He meets with the chairman Union Writers of Israel, writing in Russian. The adversity of fate and emigration failure on the land of Israel, too many literary figures lost in here. The language barrier of an unfamiliar world makes it incredibly hard. Tied with several right acquaintances, Adam decides to return and spend the night in a booked hotel. On the way, he gets to know two colleagues. In his view, losers. Caesar Hotel-Caesar was full of surprises, unexpected and not always pleasant. Breakfast in the hotel In Israeli. The road home that turned out to be longer than planned. The story "On the surface of the Dead Sea" Alan, the recent immigrant, once visiting the Dead Sea, decided to be back there for few days every spring. The water of this sea, no doubt possessed the medical effect, and the climate itself around the sea was unique. The mud from this sea brought on ashore, and anyone could spread from top to bottom.

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