Niviira XXIV — Ebook

Book One

Authors : Deon R Jackson, Kevin J Carter
Publication : 2019-02-11
Language : English
Pages : 544
Publisher : C.J. Hope
ISBN : 9781732177703
Categories : Fiction / Action & Adventure, Fiction / Fantasy / Epic







An unsuspecting slave stumbles upon his freedom, and learns that his world is much greater than he thought. After spending the first seventeen years of his life in servitude, at the mercy of a tyrannic queen who believes women should dominate over men, Vaughn Jaresine is relieved of his shackles and encounters a world full of strange new experiences and fantasy races. Outside the walls of the Adician Kingdom, Vaughn learns that an ongoing civil war threatens the kingdom as he knows it. He soon finds out that he has inherited an extraordinary gift called the Sight. This serves to shape Vaughn’s view of the world, as he begins to understand it’s common flaws, and the impacts he can have. Throughout his journey, Vaughn is made aware of the rich variety of unique nations and fantasy races that inhabit the rest of the world. With the help of his teachers Radlor and Warock, members of an elite organization called the Golden Swan, Vaughn is able to understand and master his gift. In the wake of his new found talents, Vaughn makes it his quest to rid the world of the suffering and pain that engulfs it, starting with the senseless violence that has plagued his own people for decades. A task requiring true courage and sacrifice. The first novel of the best epic fantasy series in years. This novel explores the greatest that science fiction and fantasy books have to offer, bundling war, love, mystery, and spirit into one dynamic story you won’t want to put down. Vaughn’s journey is the story of a heart filled with faith, finding true inner power in a world dominated by hate and greed. The perfect read for anyone keen on young adult fantasy books and fantasy adventure books.

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