Larger Than Life — Ebook

From Childhood Abuse to Celebrity Weight-Loss TV Show

Authors : Rachel Sommer, Bruce Pitcher
Publication : 2019-01-10
Language : English
Pages : 254
Publisher : Rise Publishing
ISBN : 9781732095410
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Self-help / General, Health & fitness / Weight Loss

Part memoir, part inspirational self-help manual, Larger Than Life follows Bruce Pitcher's journey from a twenty-year-old, 410-pound gas station employee to a fit motivational speaker, athlete, and founder of his own weight-loss lifestyle program. Through his story of childhood abuse and his experience on a popular weight-loss television show, Bruce shares the tools and methods that helped him lose the weight, come to terms with the reasons he gained it in the first place, and create a new, healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyle.

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