Awakening From Anxiety — Ebook

From her years of experience as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Rev. Connie shares a step-by-step, mind/body/spirit path to calming anxiety. Additionally, you’ll discover the common misunderstandings of spiritual principles that tend to increase anxiety, and gain a new understanding of them. In Part 1 of Awakening from Anxiety, you’ll learn what anxiety is and when it becomes a problem. Rev. Connie shares her own story of overcoming anxiety, as well as several case studies of clients and students who have transformed their anxiety into greater ease. Then, in Part 2, learn the 5 Mistakes Spiritual People Make That Increase Their Anxiety – and what to do about them. This sets the stage for Part 3 – the 7 Keys to a More Calm, Confident, Courageous Life. Finally, in Part 4, you’ll know how to break through when you’re stuck in the old patterns of stress, worry, and fear, and shift into a new perception of your True Self that’s bigger than the fear.

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