Your Next Thirty Days of Relationships — Ebook

Authors : Dean Fulks, Kary Oberbrunner
Publication : 2019-03-15
Language : English
Pages : 270
Publisher : Author Academy Elite
ISBN : 9781640855359
Categories : Religion / Christian Life / Love & Marriage, Religion / Christian Life / Family, Religion / Christian Ministry / Pastoral Resources

You’re only thirty days away from a brand-new perspective on relationships.

What if the most important word in the Bible isn’t actually in the Bible? It’s not written in black and white on the pages, but it’s in every chapter. The word is relationship.

The Bible was written so that we could know how to relate to God and other people. God deserves glory, and we simultaneously receive joy from glorifying Him.

Relationships with our spouses, parents, children, teammates, co-workers, and extended family are the most valued commodity in our lives. At the same time, we struggle more relationally than in any other area of our lives.

In this book, thirty different people from varied stages of life offer their perspectives on relationships. What if there was one resource that discussed how to deal with chronic illness in your family, how to communicate better, how to understand sexuality from a Christian worldview, how to deal with the loss of a child, or how to help your children love each other more and fight less?

That content exists in the pages of this book.

Dean Fulks, along with twenty-nine other authors from Lifepoint Church, has written Your Next Thirty Days of Relationshipsjust for you. With humorous, engaging stories, these authors share both the highs and lows of life’s relational journey.

Whether you’re far from God or you prayed to Him this morning, prepare yourself for an exciting adventure. What you discover will reshape the way you see God, others, and yourself.

Start your first day today!

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