The Kingdom of God and Playboys — Ebook

An Adventurous Journey to Faith and Wholeness

Author : Tina Assanti
Publication : 2019-06-05
Language : English
Pages : 773
Publisher : Author Academy Elite
ISBN : 9781640852587
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Body, mind & spirit / Spiritualism

Playboy and I were coincidentally born in 1954. Its centerfolds dogged me into my adulthood adding color to an already quirky, dysfunctional, and, at times, violent life. And while I was taught antiquated Victorian principles, the men around me embraced Hugh Heffner’s new sexual revolution and his philosophy designating women as playthings for their own entertainment. On the one hand, I was taught to respect, and do, a man’s bidding, and, to never question his authority. On the other hand, no one taught me the facts of life or that I even had value. This was a recipe for a lifetime of pain and confusion. However, somethingalways miraculously intervened and eventually blessed me with wisdom, strength, and the ability to forgive those who were victims in their own right.This is a brutally honest story of rape, abuse, and domestic violence but it is just as brutally honest about a unique experientialrelationship with God. Hold on tightly. This is a roller-coaster read!

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