You Don't Know Me — Ebook

The Incarcerated Women of York Prison Voice Their Truths

  • #1 New York Times bestselling author Wally Lamb joins the Counterpoint list for an urgent new anthology of essays by current and former women inmates of York prison, as well as a few essays by their family members and friends
  • The last anthology of York inmates' writings that Wally edited published over ten years ago. Since then, the Emmy award-winning show Orange is the New Black, the Black Lives Matter movement, and books including Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy and Anthony Ray Hinton's The Sun Does Shine have powerfully moved ideas of prison reform, inmate rights, and recidivism to the forefront of the national conversation
  • Lamb includes a poignant introduction and afterword to frame the collection. His writing and his curation of the essays provoke poignant questions about the inheritance and perpetuation of trauma, about victimhood, about the ways our social systems abuse the people they were created to help, and about what is truly required to ensure released inmates do not reoffend (the answer, as these writers' demonstrate in their essays: supportive community)
  • Wally Lamb will be very active in his support for this new anthology. He will attend Winter Institute 2019, and Counterpoint will make available signed preorder campaigns to all interested indie bookstores
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