IKE — Ebook

The Memoir of Isom "Ike" Rigell

Author : Ike Rigell
Publication : 2019-04-05
Language : English
Pages : 540
Publisher : Koehler Books
ISBN : 9781633935150
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Historical, Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Biography & autobiography / Military

What would you do if you were an 18-year-old Marine operating a small combat telephone switchboard on Midway Island, and you have to put the call through to your Commanding Officer, letting him know that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor . . . this was the situation Ike Rigell found himself in on December 7, 1941. Growing up in the tiny town of Slocomb, AL, Ike never dreamed he would travel halfway around the world to fight for his beloved country in WWII, and then go onto a long and prolific career at NASA and the aerospace industry. Ike’s emotional, poignant, and often humorous firsthand account of his life over the years pays tribute to our nation’s history through the time-honored tradition of storytelling.

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