Electronic book Wound Care (Speedy Study Guides)

Wound Care (Speedy Study Guides) — Ebook

Author : Speedy Publishing
Publication : 2014-05-04
Language : English
Pages : 4
Publisher : Dot EDU
ISBN : 9781633839953
Categories : Medical / General

There are many benefits for seeking wound care treatment. Wound care treatment is beneficial for any and all wounds. Patients having sustained an acute wound that has not healed within three to four weeks benefit from wound care treatment. Diabetic patients who have any wound on the lower extremities for any duration of time will benefit from wound treatment in order to prevent further infection or amputation. Any individuals who suffer from pressure ulcers, neuropathic of any duration, those who experience complications with an ostomy or fistula, or wounds caused by conditions like chronic venous insufficiency, arterial insufficiency or immunosuppression.

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