Electronic book Algebraic Equations (Speedy Study Guides)

Algebraic Equations (Speedy Study Guides) — Ebook

Author : Speedy Publishing
Publication : 2014-05-04
Language : English
Pages : 4
Publisher : Dot EDU
Collections : Edition 2
ISBN : 9781633839700
Categories : Mathematics / Algebra / General

Algebraic equations are a great tool for rationalizing almost any relationship in the real and unreal worlds. The incorporation of algebra allows anyone to relate any one thing to another using a defined and constant standard. Any question about the value of an object or idea can be assigned a variable title. This variable is inserted into a directed algebraic equation with the goal of ascertaining certain values. With algebraic equations, it is possible to compare "oranges to apples" as long as certain constant properties are defined. If "X" is the universe, Algebra can help anyone compare the universe to an infinite pool of values with any number of goals in mind.

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