Electronic book Accounting Equations And Answers (Speedy Study Guides)

Accounting Equations And Answers (Speedy Study Guides) — Ebook

Author : Speedy Publishing
Publication : 2014-06-17
Language : English
Pages : 4
Publisher : Dot EDU
Collections : Accounting Made Simple Edition
ISBN : 9781633839304
Categories : Business & economics / Accounting / General

Accountants use equations throughout their professional career. Some of these equations are quite simple; the basic assets are equal to liabilities and owners' equity is the theoretical underpinning of double-entry bookkeeping. Others are more complex in nature and are used to calculate the internal rate of return, present value of cash flows, and various functions to calculate the fair value of assets. Having a chart available that provides some of these basic formulas is a helpful way to keep track of them which can lead to improved efficiencies and a higher quality work product that can further your career.

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