Electronic book Race, Work, and Leadership

Race, Work, and Leadership — Ebook

New Perspectives on the Black Experience

Authors : Anthony J. Mayo, David A. Thomas, Laura Morgan Roberts
Publication : 2019-08-13
Language : English
Pages : 700
Publisher : Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN : 9781633698024
Categories : Social science / Ethnic Studies / African American Studies, Social science / Discrimination & Race Relations, Business & economics / Organizational Behavior, Business & economics / Leadership

A timely collection of essays from top scholars and practitioners in leadership and race that documents, disseminates and inspires new research on the African-American experience in the workplace.

  • Codifies what we already know about Black/African American experiences at work and examines the theories that have influenced/undergirded this research.
  • Re-examines assumptions in light of today's dynamics of race and leadership.
  • Re-considers and formulates the new "burning questions" about leadership and race.
  • Points to new research approaches for current and future leadership and organizational studies.
  • Offers contemporary interventions to improve the Black/African American experience in work settings and leadership roles.


  • Scholars and academics who research and teach courses on race, leadership, and identity in the workplace (course in race and ethnic studies, leadership studies, organization studies, psychology, sociology).
  • Consultants and practitioners who do diversity-related work (organization development, leadership development, executive coaching).
  • Anyone who looks to research to inform their understanding of workplace experiences and to better develop themselves and others.

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