Just a Girl — Ebook

Growing Up Female and Ambitious

Author : Lucinda Jackson
Publication : 2019-10-08
Language : English
Publisher : She Writes Press
ISBN : 9781631526633
Categories : Business & economics / Women in Business, Social science / Sexual Abuse & Harassment, Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs

In Just A Girl, the turbulent legal and social history of sexual harassment and sexism in America over the last seven decades is delivered through the author’s sensitive, personal story of living this “white man in power” era. As she moves from girlhood unworthiness in the 1950s to sexist battles in jobs on the farms and in the restaurants of America, in academia’s science community, and in the executive corner office in the 2010s, Jackson overcomes pain, shame, and self-blame, learns to believe in herself when others don’t, and becomes a champion for others. Just A Girl is “history with emotion” on the topic of sexual harassment, as well as a call to action: it identifies the court cases and lawsuits that helped advance the cultural changes we see today; outlines the pressing need for a Boys and Men Liberation (BAML) movement; highlights new approaches by parents and educators who wish to raise girls who stand up and boys who aren’t sexual bullies; and suggests a different direction for corporate America to take to stop the cycle of sexual harassment. Eye-opening and inspiring, it points the way to a brighter future for women everywhere.

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