She Rode a Harley — Ebook

A Memoir of Love and Motorcycles

Author : Mary Jane Black
Publication : 2019-10-01
Language : English
Pages : 256
Publisher : She Writes Press
ISBN : 9781631526213
Categories : Travel / Essays & Travelogues, Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Family & relationships / Abuse / Domestic Partner Abuse

A schoolteacher escapes an abusive marriage and finds love on a blind date. Mary Jane’s new man, sure that riding a Harley will restore her confidence, ends up following the white lines with her through fifteen years of marriage. Traveling together, they learn to be partners, both on and off the road, until Dwayne is diagnosed with cancer. After losing her husband, Mary Jane once again must learn to live on her own—but she’ll never be the same again.

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