How Sweet the Bitter Soup — Ebook

A Memoir

Author : Lori Qian
Publication : 2019-08-13
Language : English
Publisher : She Writes Press
ISBN : 9781631526152
Categories : Family & relationships / Love & Romance, Travel / Essays & Travelogues, Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs

• With the international political environment being what it is, the difficulties for people to simply get married, or accompany a spouse to their country for a visit, or to actually immigrate are more relevant than ever. • One in six US newlyweds were married to a person of a different race or ethnicity in 2015, a more than fivefold increase from 1967 • More and more people are interested in a variety of versions spirituality and faith, and will appreciate how the author tunes into her spirituality without making religion overly dominant in her story. • More than 3.6 million teachers are employed in US private and public schools, with thousands more employed in schools in countries across the world. AUDIENCE: • Women, young adult through elderly • Readers who love a love story • Adults who are interested in China • Readers who look for spiritual and faith-based aspects in a story • Readers interested in travel (whether as armchair travelers or actual travelers) • Members of the Latter-Day Saint faith • Teachers, especially those who teach/have taught abroad

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