The Alchemy of Noise — Ebook

A Novel

Author : Lorraine Devon Wilke
Publication : 2019-04-09
Language : English
Pages : 256
Publisher : She Writes Press
ISBN : 9781631525605
Categories : Fiction / African American / General, Fiction / Literary

• Available FBI analysis as documented by indicates a disproportionate number of black Americans are killed and arrested vs. their white and Hispanic counterparts. • Police stops are disproportionately experienced (and feared) by black drivers. (National Geographic) • Social media has proven, particularly on Twitter and Facebook, that there is tremendous interest and appetite for stories and discussions on and around issues of race, bias, privilege, etc., evidenced by viral social media interactions and campaigns amongst members of both the black and white communities. • According to Nielson sales data, while children’s books reign as most popular, following right behind is Adult General Fiction, Adult Romance, and Adult Suspense/Thriller. AUDIENCE: • Males and females, from teens on up, who are drawn to contemporary, realistic, dramatic fiction with culturally diverse characters and plotlines that mix both the personal and sociopolitical • Members of the black community who are open to and/or curious about “ally input”—how a white author depicts this particular story as it relates to salient topics of police profiling, prejudice, privilege, etc. • Social and political influencers interested in these same themes illuminated and discussed from varied points of view • Book groups and clubs looking for provocative, even controversial fiction that inspires meaningful conversation and dialogue • Readers interested in a contemporary interracial love story that has a star-crossed element that inspires a “rooting for them” emotional response

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