UNAVAILABLE Electronic book The Bread and the Knife

The Bread and the Knife — Ebook

A Life in 26 Bites

Author : Dawn Drzal
Publication : 2018-09-11
Language : English
Pages : 256
Publisher : Arcade Publishing
ISBN : 9781628729245
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Culinary, Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Cooking / History, Cooking / Essays, Biography & autobiography / Women
  • The author is well-connected in the foodie world: From over a decade working as a cookbook editor for the Viking imprint of Random House to reviewing books for the New York Times and writing for places like O magazine and Food & Wine, she’s got a variety of connections in the food and publishing industries that can help with promotional opportunities.

  • "Foodie" memoirs are perennial bestsellers and favorites in kitchens and literary circles alike. With mouth-watering writing and a truly moving personal narrative, The Bread and the Knife is sure to become a reader favorite.

  • Following a jet-setting eater exploring global cuisines and unique cultures, this book is perfect for readers anywhere and will appeal to fans of travel memoirs as well as foodies.

  • Cleverly divided into twenty-six "bites": readers experience the author's culinary adventures, from A to Z and everything in between: A is for Al Dente and B is for Béarnaise . . . Y is for Yquem and Z is for Zucchini Blossoms. The dishes discussed are from a broad range of culinary traditions, including Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, Polish, Jewish, Indonesian, and Molecular Gastronomy. The six recipes include Crepes filled with Huitlacoche, White Borscht, Urab Sayur, and Liquified Olives with Pimento.
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