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The Trigger — Ebook

Narratives of the American Shooter

Author : Daniel J. Patinkin
Publication : 2018-06-05
Language : English
Pages : 336
Publisher : Arcade Publishing
ISBN : 9781628729207
Categories : Law / Criminal Law / General, True crime / General, Social science / Criminology, Psychology / Psychopathology / Personality Disorders, True crime / Murder / General, Psychology / Forensic Psychology, Biography & autobiography / Criminals & Outlaws
Six moving profiles reveal the complex realities behind gun violence in the United States. These are the stories of the shooters.

In South Carolina, a young man embarks on a life of crime that culminates in a drug-related shooting and decades in prison; in Chicago, an off-duty police officer engages in a shootout with a murderous gunman, saving a fellow patrolman; in rural Tennessee, a troubled teenager shoots her abusive father in his sleep. The Trigger recounts the dramatic life stories of six individuals who have shot someone in America.

In 2017, over 15,000 were killed and over 31,000 were injured by gunfire. Faced with these desensitizing statistics, one easily forgets that each incident is perpetrated by a living, feeling human being who has walked a unique path. The causes and consequences of these violent acts are often far more complicated than one might expect.

Author Daniel J. Patinkin exhaustively interviewed each of six shooters about their life experiences and about the unique circumstances that compelled them to use a firearm against another person. The result is a series of profound narratives that is sure to distress and challenge the reader, but also, perhaps, to provide enlightenment and inspiration.

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