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Creepy Crawling — Ebook

Charles Manson and the Many Lives of America's Most Infamous Family

  • A compulsively readable cultural history of the Manson family, their legacy, and the ways in which they ?creepy crawled? through Los Angeles in the sixties and into America?s social fabric ever since.
  • The Manson family are topics of perennial interest, as is true crime, and this book explores the larger cultural context of their actions and how they became so entrenched in our minds, with Emma Cline's The Girls and David Duchovny's series Aquarius examples of their continued popularity.
  • Not just another account of the murders; Melnick explores how the Manson family was not just a weird, cult-like group of outsiders but a representative and integral part of the mixed freak and pop culture worlds of California in the sixties.
  • Will publish in August, the anniversary of the Tate murders.
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