UNAVAILABLE Electronic book The City Where We Once Lived

The City Where We Once Lived — Ebook

A Novel

Author : Eric Barnes
Publication : 2018-04-03
Language : English
Pages : 248
Publisher : Arcade Publishing
ISBN : 9781628728842
Categories : Fiction / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Fiction / Dystopian, Fiction / Urban Life, Fiction / Literary
  • For readers of Station Eleven and The Mandibles, a beautifully written and mesmerizing novel of the near future that combines a prescient look at how climate change and industrial flight will shape our world with a deeply personal story of one man running from his past.

  • Blends haunting and accessible prose with deep characterization and a setting that taps into current and relevant topics including urban and social decay, climate change, food supply, and more.

  • Author is publisher of The Daily News, The Memphis News, and The Nashville Ledger, local publications covering business and politics in Memphis and Nashville. He is also host of Behind the Headlines on WKNO. He can use these avenues to promote the book regionally.

  • Author's previous books received strong critical praise.
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