Children of Nazis — Ebook

The Sons and Daughters of Himmler, Göring, Höss, Mengele, and Others— Living with a Father’s Monstrous Legacy

Authors : Tania Crasnianski ,
Publication : 2018-02-06
Language : English
Publisher : Arcade Publishing
ISBN : 9781628728088
Categories : History / Europe / Germany, History / Modern / 20th Century, History / Holocaust, History / Jewish
• Previously published in France, this is the author’s U.S. debut.
• Children of Nazis is a unique story of WWII that takes an unprecedented look at eight children of Third Reich leaders Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Hans Frank, Martin Bormann, Rudolf Hoss, Albert Speer, and Josef Mengele and their journey from descendants of heroes to descendants of criminals.
• This fascinating, enlightening story delves into the relationships between the Nazi elite and their children, analyzing how each descendant copes with the legacy and weight of their parents’ actions in the aftermath of the war, ranging from condemning their father’s actions to worshipping them unconditionally.

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