Ashes and Red — Ebook

A Novel

Author : Hye-Young Pyun
Publication : 2019-02-05
Language : English
Pages : 256
Publisher : Arcade Publishing
ISBN : 9781628727838
Categories : Fiction / Dystopian, Fiction / Horror, Fiction / Literary
  • A visceral, atmospheric, and Kafkaesque novel evoking the works of JG Ballard and Martin Amis
  • An almost apocalyptic story of a deeply unreliable narrator finding himself stuck and completely isolated in a foreign country that is experiencing an outbreak of disease and a dangerous problem with garbage.
  • Korean literature continues to experience a swell with the success of Han Kang. Several other Korean titles will be published in the US in the next couple of years and this title will be well timed.
  • Author is a young rising-star writer in Korea; she has won several of the most prestigious Korean literary awards for her short story collections. The Hole was a bestseller in South Korea. Ashes and Red was chosen 2016 Book of the Year in Poland.
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