The Flesh Peddlers — Ebook

Author : Don Elliott
Publication : 2015-01-08
Language : English
Publisher : Disruptive Publishing
ISBN : 9781626578531
Categories : Fiction / Erotica


shrieked the ugly man as he stared first at Jack Lennart, then the naked voluptuousness of the woman at his side, Marga. “So you're the ones who have led Lily into a life of sin and evil!” Magically there was a gun in his hand and as he leveled it the naked Marga lunged at him, her breasts swaying in tremors of hate. There was an explosion, and a passion-crazed scream... Here is the shock novel of the year — the truth about men who sell lust and the women who supply it. Bodies for a price as the Flesh Peddlers shout—


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