Sell Online Like a Creative Genius — Ebook

A Guide for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Kindred Spirits

Author : Brainard Carey
Publication : 2019-01-01
Language : English
Publisher : Allworth Press
Collections : Like a Creative Genius
ISBN : 9781621536512
Categories : Art / Reference, Business & economics / Commerce, Art / General, Business & economics / E-Commerce / General, Business & economics / Entrepreneurship
How to sell art or anything else online without leaving your home. Whether you’re selling original artwork, jewelry, or a unique product, this is the book for you. Brainard Carey offers advice with solid examples of how building an online business is something every creative person can pursue. Carey draws from his extensive experience and interviews with others to show artists and creative people how to sell their work independently and efficiently. Readers will learn how to establish an online store, develop a presence, promote their goods, and reach customers. Chapter topics include:
  • Designing a website or profile on an existing site
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Creative ways to advertise your product
  • Building your social media following
  • Finding new customers
  • Real examples of artists and entrepreneurs who succeeded in selling their work online
  • And much more
  • With chapters divided between practical how-tos and case studies, Sell Online Like a Creative GeniusTM, offers readers both instructive and demonstrative lessons in making their small online business a reality. Everyone can do it with the right tools, and Carey offers an insider’s guide to an otherwise daunting process.

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