Regrow Your Veggies — Ebook

Growing Vegetables from Roots, Cuttings, and Scraps

Authors : Felix Lill, Melissa Raupach
Publication : 2020-02-11
Language : English
Publisher : CompanionHouse Books
ISBN : 9781620083697
Categories : Gardening / Vegetables

No need to keep buying the same vegetables you eat all the time over and over again. Regrow Your Veggies is an insightful guide that provides effective propagation techniques to recycle and regrow more than 20 popular vegetables right at home! Learn how to have a source of fresh and healthy vegetables close by, from onions and sweet potatoes to pineapples and mangoes, reduce waste, and know how to prevent and solve issues with pesky pests and pathogens. Get the most out of your favorite foods and produce your own produce!

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