A Practical Guide to Rabbit Ranching — Ebook

Raising Rabbits for Meat and Profit

Author : Deborah Mays
Publication : 2019-11-12
Language : English
Publisher : CompanionHouse Books
ISBN : 9781620083659
Categories : House & home / Sustainable Living

A totally novel, analytical perspective with the goal of financially rewarding and sustainable agriculture, author Deborah Mays shares her knowledge from running her own successful rabbit ranching business with her husband, as well as having a degree in Wildlife Biology and academic experience in animal husbandry. This is a must-have resource to learn not just the details of how to raise rabbits, but why. Covering topics such as housing, feeding, breeding, growing, disease management, genetic selection, and so much more, readers will understand the foundation to rabbit ranching and how to make rational management decisions for their own farm. From this guide, you’ll be able to humanely raise healthy meat while also maximizing efficiency and controlling costs, as well as explore the different marketable venues and understand the laws governing the industry in the US.

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