The Creative Spark — Ebook

How writers, musicians, chefs, and other artists found their voice and followed their dreams

Author : Michael Shapiro
Publication : 2019-10-15
Language : English
Publisher : Travelers' Tales
ISBN : 9781609521776
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Entertainment & Performing Arts, Social science / Essays
Who is the market?

  • Anyone who appreciates creativity or seeks to be creative
  • Fans or the musicians, writers and other creative people interviewed in the book
  • Anyone who loves music and/or literature and wants to know the stories behind some of the great works of our times
  • Self-improvers, seekers, and the intellectually curious
  • Artists and other creative types including writers, musicians, painters, chefs, scientists, iconoclasts
  • Those who are in transition

    How do people become more creative?

  • The book is filled with examples of how people found ways to be more creative and how they shared their creativity with the world
  • What sparked Amy Tan to write The Joy Luck Club or The Valley of Amazement? How did Lucinda Williams overcome her shyness and learn to command a stage? After The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, why did Francis Ford Coppola make The Outsiders? What does Frances Mayes love most about Tuscany? It’s all in The Creative Spark.
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