100 Places in Cuba Every Woman Should Go — Ebook

Author : Conner Gorry
Publication : 2018-07-31
Language : English
Publisher : Travelers' Tales
ISBN : 9781609521301
Categories : Travel / Special Interest / General, Travel / Caribbean & West Indies

The Market

In 2016, Cuba broke new records for foreign arrivals to the country, with 4 million visitors coming to the island – this total is on track to be surpassed in 2017. While the number one foreign arrivals are from Canada (topping 1 million), US arrivals were up by 168% in 2016 from the year previous and there was significant growth in arrivals from the UK. Meanwhile, people arriving on organized tours was up 12% and those arriving on private boats and cruises was up 333%.

Regardless of the fine print in President Trump’s regulations regarding US travel to Cuba (to be issued September 15), US arrival numbers will remain healthy – between those who come through third countries and those traveling legally on ‘people-to-people’ tours and for educational and research purposes. Trump has said that the cruise agreements between US and Cuba will not be affected by the new regulations.

Given these numbers and realities, we see the market as follows:

  • Individual Canadian travelers (leading the list of people who travel to Cuba, some 1 million a year)
  • Individual US travelers
  • US travelers on people-to-people tours
  • Individual travelers from other English-speaking countries including the UK and Australia
  • Cruise passengers
  • Study abroad participants – there are over two dozen US universities with semester abroad programs in Havana; the overwhelming majority of these students are women
  • Repeat and past visitors – easily tapped into via my extensive reach and network (between the author’s blog and professional social media platforms, she has over 5000 followers)
  • Cuba Libro supporters (the updated mailing list is 1000+ individuals)
  • Diplomatic staff, NGO workers and expats in Cuba


    In addition to using the author’s blog and professional social media network to publicize the book, we will provide relevant releases and information to:

  • Authorized travel service providers (hundreds of these agencies can legally run people-to-people tours to Cuba from the USA)
  • Canadian and European travel agencies and companies running tours to Cuba
  • Lonely Planet and other publishers with whom the author has non-competing titles
  • University coordinators of study abroad programs
  • Academic publishers of Cuban-related titles (there are several that have entire series dedicated to Cuba like the University Press of Florida)
  • Ocean Press – publishes almost all non-fiction Cuba titles in English
  • Cuba Libro mailing list
  • NGOs with ongoing collaboration with Cuba (e.g. Center for Cuban Studies, Environmental Defense Fund, the Ocean Foundation)
  • Sister City organizations with collaboration in Cuba (e.g. Madison WI-Camaguey; Pittsburgh-Matanzas; Brunswick ME-Trinidad)
  • Accredited press in Cuba (the author has an email list)
  • US and European press who have interviewed the author in the past
  • Book launch and reading at Cuba Libro in Havana
  • The author regularly does print, radio, and TV interviews from Havana and will mention the title in each one she does from now on.
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