... Meanwhile, Back at the Sex Farm... — Ebook

Author : Bill Starr
Publication : 2013-01-03
Language : English
Publisher : Disruptive Publishing
ISBN : 9781608727414
Categories : Fiction / Erotica

Hurrah! At Last a Book About a Nymphomaniac!

"I should have been a whore instead of a poet," voluptuous Ruth remarks to her world-wise bedmate, Bill, who approves. "Better be a whore than a poet. You meet a better class of people." And so back to the Sex Farm. The happy couple leaves the city for a well-earned vacation, intending to cure her nymphomania and his satyriasis... with the same medicine. Although this takes place long before the sexual revolution came upon us, the goings-on at the Sex Farm are so outrageous that they will leave you goggle-eyed, faint, watery-mouthed and twitching.


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