How She Lost Her Cherry — Ebook

Four Stories of Girls Becoming Women

Author : Louis Kahn Nin
Publication : 2013-01-02
Language : English
Publisher : Disruptive Publishing
ISBN : 9781608725441
Categories : Fiction / Erotica

In this sordid collection, four stories are told, and in these stories, four virginal girls lose their innocence and enter the world of sex and debauchery. One girl gets a surprise from her friend's father on her sweet sixteen birthday; a man working on his novel is surprised by a summer nymph naked by the lake; a babysitter succumbs to the illicit desire of Mr. Snake; and another girl wanders the woods and meets three men who have three surprises for her innocent, virgin body. These tales pull no punches and break puritanical taboos, the way only the great-grandson of Anais Nin could write!

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