Dangerous Desires — Ebook

Author : Louis Kahn Nin
Publication : 2014-02-23
Language : English
Publisher : Disruptive Publishing
ISBN : 9781608725403
Categories : Fiction / Erotica

This was not the woman I knew, the woman I had married, the woman who had given me children, but one lost, exhausted by too much nasty sex.

So thinks our narrator, who is appalled and sickened by watching another man make love to his wife, but excited and aroused beyond description as well. This was a fantasy they both had, and they were now out exploring, to add spice to their dulling marriage. But what were they really getting into, contacting strangers through online swinger websites to help make their darkest fantasies real? Doing such things can get dangerous, very dangerous...

In Louis Kahn Nin's previous book, The Perverts, he examined what happens when things go too far when a husband and wife start experimenting with sex with other people. Again, in Dangerous Desires, the great grand-nephew of Anaïs Nin shows us what happens when things go just a little too far, when safe words are ignored, when lust turns on the verge of violence, and there's no turning back...

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