New Success Secrets — Ebook

Authors : Muhammad Siddique, Tcat Houser
Publication : 2018-02-27
Language : English
Pages : 110
Publisher : TotalRecall Publications, Inc.
ISBN : 9781590955178
Categories : Self-help / Personal Growth / Success, Self-help / Personal Growth / Memory Improvement, Business & economics / Management

Would You Like to Become Unstoppable?

In this ground breaking work, serial entrepreneurs Muhammad Siddique and Tcat Houser share their SUCCESS SECRETS, and show you how to:

  • Start, run, and manage a SUCCESS TEAM
  • Negotiate Win/Win agreements
  • Effectively resolve conflicts
  • Actually hit the goals you set for yourself
  • Dramatically increase your memory recall

Leveraging practical examples, tried-and-tested techniques, and powerful exercises, Siddique and Tcat will guide you on your journey.

If you're looking to expand your comfort zone, if you're looking to achieve a goal you didn't think was possible, and if you're the kind of person that takes action, this book is here to challenge, support, and propel you on your SUCCESS journey.

Foreword by New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author,
--Robert Shemin

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