Jakarta — Ebook

Authors : Rodrigo Márquez Tizano ,
Publication : 2019-11-05
Language : English
Publisher : Coffee House Press
ISBN : 9781566895712
Categories : Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Fiction / Alternative History, Fiction / Literary

CHP’s newest addition to our translated literature list is unlike any we’ve published before—dystopia reaches out in this unhinged novel about a society and narrator at the edge of their humanity. The translator calls it “Orwell on ayahuasca,” and readers of translated, dystopian, and formally ambitious literature will appreciate this book that feels propulsively new and uncomfortably familiar.

Devastating plagues, corrupt government, religious fervor—American audiences may be familiar with the tropes of Latin America that appear in this novel. However, with the sardonic and surgical worldbuilding Tizano displays here, these stereotypes are flipped on their heads.

Tizano is connected in the media world and is willing to travel to the US for events and engagements. One of the few translated authors we publish able to do so, him being available should only help the book find readers. This novel came highly recommended by Valeria Luiselli and Daniel Saldaña París, young stars of CHP’s translated literature list and Latin American lit at large.

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