Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation — Ebook

Authors : Steven E. Wallis, Bernadette Wright
Publication : 2019-06-18
Language : English
Pages : 328
Publisher : SAGE Publications, Inc
ISBN : 9781544323329
Categories : Social science / Methodology
Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation is the first book to bring the mapping methodology to social research and program evaluation. Bernadette Wright and Steven E. Wallis guide readers through all phases of the research process: learning from stakeholder experience; reviewing existing knowledge in the field; conducting new data collection such as interviews; collaborating with other researchers; and facilitating the use of knowledge for communication, collaboration, and action. With plenty of illustrations and navigational aids such as “travel tips,” the book is an accessible guide for busy students, researchers, and managers of all levels of experience.

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