Give Me a Second — Ebook

Changing Perceptions Inspirational Poetry

Author : Brenda Keough
Publication : 2018-07-20
Language : English
Pages : 226
Publisher : Xlibris US
ISBN : 9781543450637
Categories : Poetry / General

This book is a very powerful read and also very empowering. Writing the book in poetry form is an amazing idea and interesting way to get the storyline across to its readers. The author is brave for sharing her story with the readers and allowing us to experience the pain and suffering that she had to overcome as an injured worker to become the woman she is now. Misdiagnosis happens more than we think, this book will empower young women and men to speak up and stand up for their rights to proper medical care. Silence is not golden, and each poem is meant to help society learn and stop this from continuing to happen to others now and in the future.

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