Values-Based Leadership in Healthcare — Ebook

Congruent Leadership Explored

Author : David Stanley
Publication : 2019-05-20
Language : English
Pages : 176
Publisher : SAGE Publications Ltd
ISBN : 9781526489678
Categories : Medical / Nursing / Management & Leadership

Stanley's Values-Based Leadership in Healthcare proposes a bold new theory of leadership to help drive positive change in healthcare organisations.

The theory of 'Congruent Leadership' is defined and presented through a series of corporate and clinical case studies and examples, which guide the reader through the possibilities for using their own values to inform best practice. Parallels are drawn between iconic historical figures and events, to show that healthcare professionals can be courageous leaders by following their values and learning from great leaders past and present.

To aid understanding each chapter includes scenarios and reflective exercises to help readers grasp the application of theory to practice. By using an accessible frame of reference, Stanley outlines a refreshing alternative to existing theories of leadership and thoughtfully encourages practitioners to act in ethically-informed ways.

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