Walking with God — Ebook

Lessons on Intimacy Which I Have Learnt Along the Journey

Author : Modupe Sanusi
Publication : 2019-03-09
Language : English
Pages : 214
Publisher : AuthorHouse UK
ISBN : 9781524677787
Categories : Education / General, Self-help / General, Religion / Spirituality

Enoch walked with God before the flood. So did Moses after the flood. The bible has an endless list of men and women who walked with the LORD. Jesus Christ is the best example of a man who walked with God. Every single one of us have the basic birthright to walk intimately with God. However, there are some principles and virtues which we must align ourselves with in order to make this possible. One of them is love. Another is faith. Another important one is humility. Idolatry must be disposed of and reliance and trust upon Jesus must be exercised every day. It is not an easy task but we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. In this text we will explore what we can do to maximize our opportunities to walk with God effectively. This is His heart desire and this must become ours. Let us make use of our time to develop intimacy with God. We must only learn and believe. He will provide the rest.

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