Electronic book Betty Builds It

Betty Builds It — Ebook

Author : Julie Hampton
Publication : 2019-09-10
Language : English
Pages : 32
Publisher : West Margin Press
ISBN : 9781513262338
Categories : Juvenile fiction / Social Issues / Friendship, Juvenile fiction / Family / Siblings, Juvenile fiction / Science & Technology, Juvenile fiction / Robots*

Combining humor and art with STEM subjects of science, technology, and math, Betty Builds It explores a burgeoning friendship between a genius engineering robot girl and her sweet younger brother who just wants to support his sister.

Betty could build just about anything. Whatever she needs, she can make it for herself. But with a screen as her parental unit and her baby brother Toby who can’t do much, Betty longs for a friend—so she builds one! While Toby struggles to get his sister’s attention, Betty continues to build and build, until finally she realizes what she was looking for was beside her the whole time.

Betty Builds It is a sweet family story of the new friendship between siblings, and also celebrates and promotes women and girls in science.

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