Saving Miss Oliver's — Ebook

A Novel

Author : Stephen Davenport
Publication : 2018-09-18
Language : English
Pages : 386
Publisher : WestWinds Press
Collections : Miss Oliver's
ISBN : 9781513261331
Categories : Fiction / General, Fiction / Literary, Fiction / Contemporary Women
The fate of the beloved school is hanging in the balance...

The prestigious boarding school Miss Oliver’s School for Girls is on the cusp of going under. The trustees just fired the headmistress of the last thirty-five years, and the alumnae and students are angry and determined to hate her successor, the new—and male—head Fred Kindler. If only he can gain the support of the legendary senior teacher Francis Plummer, then Fred might have a fighting chance to save the school; but no one except Francis’s wife and the school librarian, Peggy, is willing to give Fred a chance.

With Fred’s career on the line and the Plummers’ marriage at stake, will Miss Oliver’s survive to be the school it once was?

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