Sculpted out of Sky — Ebook

Author : Felix Bongjoh
Publication : 2019-05-31
Language : English
Pages : 212
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
ISBN : 9781490795515
Categories : Fiction / Literary, Poetry / General

Sculpted Out of Sky consists of poems about man interacting with, and is shaped by, his environment in such a way that his activities and events are quite often governed by natural forces around him, especially in the sky, among other factors. It is also a metaphorical image of how life is psychologically sculpted out of birds, the sun, the moon, and other natural elements that affect or even govern his life—sculpted, as if out of a slab of sky (comparable to wood or metal), on which all is poetically sculpted to eternalize man’s image, good or bad, in an evolving world, often with space for evil, including conflict and war.

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