Electronic book Controlled-Potential Analysis

Controlled-Potential Analysis — Ebook

International Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry

Authors : Garry A. Rechnitz ,
Publication : 2018-04-12
Language : English
Pages : 94
Publisher : Pergamon
ISBN : 9781483155265
Categories : Science / Chemistry / Analytic

International Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry, Volume 13: Controlled-Potential Analysis provides information pertinent to controlled-potential analysis involving the measurement of the quantity of electricity passed in the course of electrolysis. This book discusses the practical problems to be regarded in controlled-potential techniques, including the accurate maintenance of the desired potential.
Organized into four chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the controlled-potential electrolysis methods that are particularly valuable to problems of chemical analysis as they provide a measure of concentration and a qualitative identification from the value and magnitude of the potential. This text then examines the classification of coulometric methods according to whether the total applied voltage of the working electrode is being controlled during electrolysis. Other chapters consider the basic function of a potentiostat to maintain the potential of a given electrode at a constant value.
Chemists and analytical chemists will find this book extremely useful.

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