Come on Along & Listen to My Life in Theatre — Ebook

Author : Martin Markinson
Publication : 2019-06-12
Language : English
Pages : 260
Publisher : Archway Publishing
ISBN : 9781480876309
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Entertainment & Performing Arts

Martin Markinson never dreamed of becoming wealthy because money just wasn’t that important to him—all that mattered was his lack of money.

That’s what led him to get his first job at age twelve in 1943, selling copies of The Sunday New York Times to people in nearby apartment buildings. Every Sunday morning, a truck would pull up and unload a pile of papers for kids to peddle for ten cents each, and he’d earn a penny for every paper he sold.

He eventually got a job as an usher at a movie theatre, which allowed him to see movies for free. He immersed himself in the art of storytelling and became enamored with actors, singers, and dancers. Thus began his love affair with the entertainment industry.

But it was not a straight shot to stardom: Markinson worked in the insurance business for years, joined the Air Force (serving during the Korean War), and met the love of his life before pursuing his passion for show business.

He would go on to own and operate multiple theatres, produce and co-produce dozens of plays and musicals, and navigate his way to success on Broadway and beyond.

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