Apoptosis of a Nation: Environmental Intoxication and the Prevalence of Hcv-4B Among the Dispossessed of Egypt — Ebook

Authors : J.H. Wassili, Cyril Baradaeus
Publication : 2013-04-30
Language : English
Pages : 83
Publisher : Xlibris US
ISBN : 9781469163345
Categories : Political science / General

Egypt, whose soil germinated the first civilization, monotheism, refined ethics, culture of sharing the abundance of extracted natural resources, etc., among its populace became the crucible of organic, moral maladies and the prime exporter of mutated bacterial and viral diseases. The enigma is these mutations are synchronized by several factors, namely; failing medical health, if there is any, abundant filth, cultural bankruptcy, over population, dogmatic militarism, societal deprivation and characterization, etc. These domineering ingredients fossilized Egypt as of 1952 coup in an irrevocable national apoptosis, thus threatening the integrity of other nations by the facile transfer of mutated diseases via frequent and cheap air travel. Therefore, it deemed essential to elaborate on pollution and psychosis-induced organic maladies and grievous crimes evoked by dogmatic cults at the breeding sources, ghettos and sporadic locations of the homeless in major cities and Upper Egyptian villages. The crippled social justice and imbalanced distribution of wealth among Egyptians are expected to accelerate the rate of bacterial and viral evolution thus precipitates de-novo medical risks as mutated species are resistant to known medical managements. Threat of mutated pathogens is two folds: (a) it could labour corrosive plagues to the precariously maintained social fabric of the Middle Eastern countries that is uniquely classifying and characterising citizens according to their dogmatic affiliation and (b) it would definitely compromise the integrity of the expensively managed medical care system of developed Western countries.

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