Black Talon — Ebook

A Novel

Author : Al E. Gateson
Publication : 2005-11-21
Language : English
Pages : 408
Publisher : Xlibris US
ISBN 10 : 1462819893
ISBN : 9781462819898
Categories : Fiction / Espionage

The novel Black Talon, is a story of the intelligence war against worldwide terrorism and the people who are fighting this war.

In Frankfurt, Germany, a new terrorist network has emerged, a splinter group of Al Queda. They are well along in their plans to launch a worldwide military strike against several North American and European targets with devastating weapons that they believe will bring down Western civilization in one blow.

There are two main characters among a group of many. The first is an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency based in Frankfurt and the other is an FBI agent located in Dallas Texas. As the intelligence agencies of the Western powers become more aware of the plans of the terrorists they launch an all out search for the weapons they have laid in place or are about to place.

The book is fast moving and riveting to the reader with the action taking place in such places as France, Spain, America, Istanbul and Algeria.

Interlaced with the story and concerning the two main characters are romantic entanglements that take on some prominence.

The race is on to find the weapons and time is running out. If the terrorists succeed in delivering their weapons the leaders of the Western powers know that they must retaliate with punishing blows to those who carried out the attacks and to those who supported them.

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