Electronic book Badir and the Beaver

Badir and the Beaver — Ebook

Authors : Shannon Stewart ,
Publication : 2019-04-16
Language : English
Pages : 104
Publisher : Orca Book Publishers
Collections : Orca Echoes
ISBN : 9781459817289
Categories : Juvenile fiction / Animals / Mammals, Juvenile fiction / Readers / Chapter Books

It's Ramadan, a time to focus on good deeds and to fast, and Badir and his brother, Anis, are out for a walk one evening while they wait for their iftar meal. In the park Badir sees a rat. A very, very large rat. He soon learns it’s actually a beaver, an animal that doesn't live in Tunisia, the country Badir and his family have emigrated from. It turns out that some of the neighbors who enjoy the park think this beaver is a bit of a pest, but Badir thinks it's wonderful and learns everything he can about the iconic Canadian animal. When a petition is started to remove the beaver, Badir, who knows firsthand how difficult it is to leave your home behind, rallies his classmates to save it. And with a little help from new friends, the kids learn that collaboration and faith can change the way we think about the world.

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